Poet Deep's Story

Ogun Lumumba, aka Poet Deep, is an east coast hip hop artist with a message for the masses. Born July 19, 1985 and a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Poet Deep released EP “I am Poet Deep” May 15, 2015 to positive reviews.  

From the early age of 11, he’s been putting pen to paper writing rhymes and has been a rapper on stage for over seven years.  

A family man, he believes in the importance of spending family time in order to successfully build a strong family base where each member is enriched, loved, and appreciated. 

A Pan Afrikan Nationalist, he is an outspoken advocate for  Afrikan culture and places a strong emphasis on political, cultural, and social issues. Poet Deep advances the effort through his music and associations which was a focus of his first mix tape in 2014, “The Project” which was a collection of songs from 2008-2014. 

With influences like K-rino and Immortal Technique mixed in with his own personal style and delivery, Poet Deep brings a fresh twist to what it really means to be a hip-hop artist. 

He creates music with a message and a purpose. A keen and aware rapper to his core, his motto is, “In life you're either a victim or victor." As such, he believes that music should bring  you to act, in a productive way, for the betterment of your world and those around you.  

Poet Deep’s goal is to provide a shift in thought, attitude, and behavior among people. His main focus is to propagate Black Manhood and family hood and community service involvement and does not back down from what he believes in even if it is not what’s hot or popular.  

In life, you have to own who you are and push to make things happen. Poet Deep does just that and continues to tirelessly hone his skills for a craft he so loves. 

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