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Grounded by Poet Deep 



In a world of many changes and people we must learn how to adapt to in some form or another, there's a strong necessity for an individual to be grounded.  

Being grounded means you have a foundation for spiritual refuge that allows you to rest, recharge, grow, gain clarity and many other things that'll contribute to your personal growth and development. 

In Ancient Kemet (Egypt) there was a creation principle named Atum and the attribute of Atum is the "unmoved mover" (mistakenly thought to have…

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A Season To Rest by Poet Deep 

Making our dreams come true requires a lot of work, dedication, sacrifice, and focus however there are times that it becomes a necessity to pull back and take moments of rest, perhaps a season (no specific time period). Resting allows us to repair, reflect, reassess, and reinvigorate ourselves. 

Everyone process is different which means their timing will differ as well but the need to rest applies to all at some point. Well how do you know when you need rest??? If you find yourself being very tired…

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Forward Motion by Poet Deep 

Progress is necessary,  however it comes with many challenges, I believe as humans we were designed to naturally thrive and evolve, however this is a daunting task with so many contending social and political mechanisms that tend to configure the characters of the people whom we interact with (including ourselves). Forward motion is a constant in the universe even when we as humans make a decision (even unknowingly) to go backwards. The true test of forward motion is when chaos is present which can hinder…

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Ambition Over Fear by Poet Deep  


Last night marked the debut of my T-shirt release to the world for Ambition Over Fear which is a slogan created for trendsetters, go getters and those who need encouragement to push forward with their set objectives.

This idea was actually birthed from a song I released in 2015 entitled “I am Poet Deep”, in the song I said “ain't no cowards over here / straight up soldier / told ya clear / A.O.F that's my motto / Ambition Over Fear/  little did I know at the time how this simple phrase would resonate…

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I chose to change by Poet Deep 

As I reflect on my life and all that I've been through I embrace the fact that regardless of my struggles I chose to become someone that live productively. This path certainly is not easy, the process is slow and each step demands patience. Character building is fundamental to my life and my behavior, I see the universe as being inter connected meaning at some point all things are related.

Physical health is a reflection of mental health, diet is a very important factor in spiritual wellness. The lessons…

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