A Season To Rest by Poet Deep

Making our dreams come true requires a lot of work, dedication, sacrifice, and focus however there are times that it becomes a necessity to pull back and take moments of rest, perhaps a season (no specific time period). Resting allows us to repair, reflect, reassess, and reinvigorate ourselves. 

Everyone process is different which means their timing will differ as well but the need to rest applies to all at some point. Well how do you know when you need rest??? If you find yourself being very tired, feelings of constantly being confused or overwhelmed, finding that you're not allocating enough time to your spiritual and physical development, not spending quality time with your loved ones. 

When I speak about rest I don't necessarily mean sleep either, I'm talking about slowing down the intensity of how you move and calming down to focus on other important aspects of your life. Sleep is essential to this process as well. 

I've come to find that many people in today's society do not rest enough or get adequate sleep. We have at our disposal plenty of overstimulation devices such as our smart phones, social media, and tv platforms that keep us awake for hours trying to find out what's coming next on our favorite show.  

In addition to this we have electronics in our home that emit frequencies which work against our health and play a role in not allowing us to get a peaceful night of rest.  

Our stress levels are incredibly high via the poor food choices we make, unhealthy social interactions we engage in, and most of all allowing artificial entities in our lives become real (especially those created by the mainstream media).  

The object of living life is to thrive and evolve, to explore nature and our inner being, to use our intelligence to solve issues that affect our lives. To live life is to take responsibility for your growth, take initiative in understanding how to eat healthy, how to live a spiritually balanced life by your own understanding and not looking for approval from others.  

No matter what field or occupation we have, we can all maximize our development by tuning into our own spirituality and learning to understand the universal laws that govern our existence and learn to live in sync with those laws.  

By all means chase your dreams and make them a reality, allow your spiritual work to be the engine to bring these things in fruition. Be mindful those that build lasting foundations are the ones who has taken time to balance out their lives so what they've built can remain intact. 

*Ambition Over Fear

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