Ambition Over Fear by Poet Deep

Last night marked the debut of my T-shirt release to the world for Ambition Over Fear which is a slogan created for trendsetters, go getters and those who need encouragement to push forward with their set objectives.

This idea was actually birthed from a song I released in 2015 entitled “I am Poet Deep”, in the song I said “ain't no cowards over here / straight up soldier / told ya clear / A.O.F that's my motto / Ambition Over Fear/  little did I know at the time how this simple phrase would resonate with people.

After being told that I should do a t shirt with this phrase by a few people and after listening to others about what it meant to them personally I finally decided to manifest this idea.

Ambition Over Fear is about conquering those non productive voices that tells us not to do something or gives us reasons why it can't be done rather than exploring how it can be done, it's about meeting the inner you, searching for what you desire and engaging the process and obstacles that will bring your dream as a reality.

There are many aspects of this concept that I will be expounding upon in soon to come videos, speaking engagements etc.  This is a motivational movement to aspire those who desire for more meaning out of life and in what they do.

This is not for average people, this brand is for the extraordinary, those who are willing to put in the work to actualize what they want no matter the cost. I'm taking Pre Orders right now and the shirts will be ready for pick up and delivery in 2 weeks. I hope you can support this journey, thank you. You can Pre Order your shirt @

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