Forward Motion by Poet Deep

Progress is necessary,  however it comes with many challenges, I believe as humans we were designed to naturally thrive and evolve, however this is a daunting task with so many contending social and political mechanisms that tend to configure the characters of the people whom we interact with (including ourselves). Forward motion is a constant in the universe even when we as humans make a decision (even unknowingly) to go backwards. The true test of forward motion is when chaos is present which can hinder or stagnate the process of positive progress.

Having a vision allows one to remain rooted and committed towards forward motion along with nurturing the idea of the vision. Our positive desires must be carefully cultivated as seeds, growth can be very deceptive by way in which our lessons and blessings may come. Sometimes we evade the very thing or people that was put in our presence to contribute to our growth process. Some people or things are meant to be in our lives for a season so that we attain whatever's necessary for our forward movement.

Taking time to meditate and gaining powerful insight  are surely great tools to allow someone to assess their process of forward motion. Many experiences and encounters must be reflected upon and put into its proper context so one may arrive at conclusions that serve as building blocks in our growth (even if the experiences are negative).

What dreams are you trying to nurture? Are you placing yourself in the best place to make this realization a manifestation? Feel free to give feedback. Until next time remain powerful.

*Ambition Over Fear

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