Grounded by Poet Deep

In a world of many changes and people we must learn how to adapt to in some form or another, there's a strong necessity for an individual to be grounded.  

Being grounded means you have a foundation for spiritual refuge that allows you to rest, recharge, grow, gain clarity and many other things that'll contribute to your personal growth and development. 

In Ancient Kemet (Egypt) there was a creation principle named Atum and the attribute of Atum is the "unmoved mover" (mistakenly thought to have come from the Greeks via Aristotle). This principle can be applied in many aspects of life but most of all in spirit development. 

 The unmoved mover can be understood as being unmoved when challenges and hardship arise, you don't easily jump or retreat, you are steadfast and patient. To be a mover means you're still making progress even if its gradually. When you combine both of these traits you have someone who can still their spirit in chaos while not being stagnant.  

The unmoved mover is not easily phased or beaten, it is resilient, it finds a way to be productive even in the midst of destruction, in nature the unmoved mover is formless and most of all EFFECTIVE. 

Have a great day and may you be an unmoved mover.


  • Niecy
    Niecy Baltimore
    Dope Read :)I can definitely relate.

    Dope Read smileI can definitely relate.

  • Poet Deep
    Poet Deep
    I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

    I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

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