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  1. Triumph
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My aim's accurate
Game immaculate
You factor it
I Rhyme with savages
Lines are hazardous
No additives
They mad and pissed
I'm a pragmatist
and a catalyst
Makie you my target
There no dodging
My arrow hit
I'm being modest
I'm 100 with my goddess
Ain't no skeleton
You Find guns up in my closet
Independent artist
Resources we get em bartered
I'm a kind guy
But you don't wanna
Get me started .
Feel the wrath for faking
A blood bath whupped ass
Crafted in the making
We mashing gas
No procrastinating
When I dash pass
They can feel a blast of greatness
Enimies feel a fast slash
I'm a
blast from a pistol
Reactive missile
Thats Acting civil
Can you Crack the riddle
Of killer rhymes
That'll Attack and kill you
I'm the brutalist
Can't tell you
Where my noodle is
The body count is numerous
Tru to this
Since the uterus
My tutelage
Is too legit
Playing with the man
Is ludicrous
You Getting canned like tuna fish
Never new to this
Im studious
You're dubious
My duty is
To Feed the nucleus
With nutrients
Laughing and listening
At my spazzing and spitting
A Dragon that's sizzling
Anything in my path
Even siblings .
Grab the dagger
Get the jabbing and chiseling
This a massacre
I wrap em up
Reactions are crippling
Fast as a piston
past postal
But mad social
My rap vocals
Are graphed focals
To grab hold you
I'm a rap mogul
I'm a entity
A one man infantry
That'll bomb your embassy
Bodies chill
When they mention me
I'll probably fall back
For a century
My style never die
I'm gifted to infinity
Give ya remedy
God in the imagery
Tryna finish me
Busting Shots at em
Peep your chemistry
Bring pressure and injury
If they within
A inch of me
However you wit it
Forever you get it
Deaded the critics
Edit the tidbits
Of my prophetic cryptics
I'm way beyond
Your comprehension
You tryna con
And call redemption
Suckas like you
I got long extension
You want no parts of me
This mastery of artistry
I probably spit and spazz
On you horribly