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I put your squad in check
Anytime you see me
I keep bars on deck
It's either my way
Or you Frauds getting stretched
You on my highway
Then your car getting wrecked
My psychosis lite explosives
The Ciphers ferocious
tryna overthrow this
With a parochial focus
You must don't know this
But bro is
The dopest dosage
That you could you ever take
Sit back relax reflect
please meditate
I'm a set em straight
Land mine
Watch his body fly
Form the sides he a separate
I'm armed to do the due
Where others aren't suitable
My lyrics heal the people
Musical pharmaceuticals
'm a forbidden savage
Ain't worried bout living lavish
Ripping bastards
When I'm gripping ratchet
Take a dip in acid
I'm down to the bone
plus with sum digits added
need to get this business mastered
get out these poverty stricken patterns
I'm the prominent
Amen rhyming it
With a egg on the sun
The rays steadily
Frying it
Till its an omolette
African people's conglomerate
That's the type of shit
That I am with
This is a toxic environment
Forever on guard
We're riding then
I'm a ride till da rim break
Build up tolerance
for my intake
continue to build up soldiers
Til they in place
Afrikan descendants
Left with flags
For our pendants
and the torture
We must end it
Declare war for our interest
and I roar with a vengenance
Don't ignore
The offenses
To the core
The culture cleanse us
Gimme me more
We on the fences
life of a guerilla
aint nan spitta illa
you aint seen a man this bad
ever since thrilla
they talk that
but im ready tho
on frontline I will let go
my family already know
that this ain't for the radio
I'm a charismatic
Panorama of sickness
mysterious but simplistic
cultural values intrinsic
can you sense it
never complicit
illicit murder rhymes
on a visit
if I do a live show
you do not wanna miss it
every bar is top notch
plus its exquisite
im optimistic
even tho
the plots has thickened
the clock is ticking
to make a move
whatever I do
I rocking with it
i'm very specific
plus im prolific
im lyrically gifted
you're spiritually lifted
whenever I give it
a man on a mission
im all bout my business
do I have a witness
Feel the scorch
from the dragon
from the spirit of George Jackson
We're honoring
we got more tactics
we love our blackness
our black queens are magic
no other way to have it
we busting automatics
this the family man
dont mess with fantasy land
we riding rugged
we not thugging
I aint playing with my brand
I set a sucka straight
punch him in f------ face
knowing there's a bigger enemy
I rather cut the chase
my arsenal is impartial
Cut you and carve you
I'm not talking bout my eyes
When I say that i saw you
This rbg
some Mis rep it
Won't take the time to read
Act dyslexic
I spit slick
And this ish is epic
Don't do diss records
Hitlist Check it
Slit wrist exit
I Tell stories
Wit a slick rick's essence
I'm a wordsmith
pulverize these mc's
Into bird shit
I serve dish
Or derve
But I'm for the ppl tho
I speak a flow
That's unbelievable
Eyes red
Like I chief the dro
don't need to smoke
My personality potent
Reality open
Analogies spoken
Just to simpply rally your focus
These bars blended
By far splendid
To cause Kemet
To draw attention
Since we lost the lineage
we honor the limits
Move beyond the dawn of the dimmest
Days intended to draw us to a ending
But faltered to finish us
Times are imminent
And im into it
I Intuit my spirt
To get thru it
I'm infinite
Never impotent
Heavens instrument