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Break down my lyrics
And you will see
Its full of quotes
Everything I spit is dope
Going str8
For the throat
This for you suckas
I'm a go head
And make a toast
Prepare to take a dose
Going str8 for the throat

Str8 up warrior
4 Me it's not a issue
Violate my family
Believe I'm coming to get ya
I Put it in your face
So you can get the picture
Amerikkka is free
I gotta beg to differ
Crack hit the hood
Harder than a missile
Look at our families
Slaughtered in the middle
This pandemic knocked us back
More than a little
Young savages
Running around
Blasting  pistols
Who gives a muthafuck 
Bout trump or Hilary
Keep clutching my pump
And all of  my artillery
And I'm gon buck
Till the day
That they get rid of me
Then they gotta deal with my son's
I mean that literally
Got no time
for styling in the club
Focused on my enemy
I  smile when it's blood
What I feel at heart
Some rather call it hatred
The main ones in denial
About this degredation
I love my ppl
And I feel the devastation
We were doing way better
When it was segregation
Farrakhan preaching
Justice or else
Well Tell the FOI
Go do that shit themselves
Lead by example
Don't put em in a spell
Let's be real about it
You ain't gonna compromise your wealth
I Keep a couple bangers
I bust em till they melt
Middle fingers to you cowards
That'll show you
How I felt
Punk ass males
Wanna blame black women
I cannot lie
I wanna put some bullets in em
Got a revolver
Them cylinders are spinning
I can cut into you
You don't want me
get the trimming
when it Police
im a let you do your job
keep my mouth shut
sit quiet in the car
wait patiently 
but if you take that shit too far
Then im dealing law
fuck it all
im getting raw
it aint too many of us
we're surrounded by
traitors, cowards, and suckas
watching for the traps
Cause you know they wanna gut us
that why im a family man
but still a headbussa
rocked up 
Good as stone
Locked up
Stood alone
glock bust
to the dome
hopped up 
good as gone
We at war
You Should've known
That reckless talk
Ain't for the phone
I put my life
Up in this song
Not willing to die
Leave this alone
Living in a fantasy
Stuck in fear frantically
Ignorance grown organically
Destroying the family
This is what they planned to be
To Rob you of your sanity
Control you mislead you
Then Feed you to calamities
Murderous plots
Nervous or not
Coming to get ya
Word to my pops
Work to the top
This get sicker
Turbulent shock
Burdens a drop
Can you lift em
Deserving a drop
Swerving them glocks
Against the system