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  1. Young King
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Young King

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Young man
Caught up in the streets
Tryna find yourself
Feel the brush
From the heat
oh You really down
to bust when it's beef
Do you realize
You're in a rush to a defeat
No one to talk to
Or walk you
In this awful
Planned out thoughtful
Well manipulated hostile
society been invented
for your withdrawal
They want you distracted
Playing with your life
Around the rim of a casket
Not thinking about your actions
They want you set a fire
They giving you the matches
I don't know if you had this
But it's my job
To tell you about this madness
and they hate your blackness
And the fact is
You don't know your royal status
Don't know your culture
So Your identity
Is thoroughly altered
This very dirty and vulgar
You turning out to be
One of their sculptures
Don't succumb to the weakness
Penetrate the deepness
Dont break into pieces
They wanna cage you
Into precincts
Lock you away
Maybe you could rethink
How this all set up
Give you time to reflect
Get in line and step
Get your mind in check
Look at the design of this mess
You're on your way
To ride to a wreck
Slow up be patient
You'll never see rushing
Whenever there's greatness
Challenges embrace it
And study the basics
Discover your mazes
In the streets
Yes There's a Lotta fools
That's why we gotta
Make a man outta you
Gotta show how to really
Make them proper moves
Whats a real man
They ain't a got clue
Our manhood on the line
With a lot to prove
So we gotta get busy
Put down the booze
This for the sober minded
I refuse
To live life as a broken man
Pick and choose
Give yourself time to grow
Before you yelling geronimo
the timing ' slow
But the real you
You gotta find it though
Don't get knocked down
With the dominoes
We got big problems
I'm talking bout giant foes
You wanna young lady out here
Pace fam
I aint gon lie to you
out here is a wasteland
Whole bunch of okie dokes
And straight scams
That's the main reason
you take a stand
When you talking
Caution your words
When ya'll waking
You closest to the curb
When you feed her spirit
You gotta splurge
Before you get with her
Man You gotta purge
Cuz you gotta love self 1st
Before you judge
Someone else worth
Let's help earth
And wisdom swell burst
Till we repel hell's birth
And those that felt hurt
Give you something deeper to consider
Whether sweeter or bitter
Selling out to the cheapest bidder
Don't know your history is richer
You preceded the scripture
No secret were bigger
There's the sea
Be the fisher
Start your journey of enlightenment
Many of your friends
They not gonna like it
But you sacrificing
It's tempting and enticing
To follow this dehumanizing
Keep a human from rising
Consumed into violence
Out of tune with silence
Assume to prominence
diabolical dominance
Among the ominous
The obvious
The lobbyist
They Wanna body us
Society just
Guiding us
A bottomless
Hell rotting us
They make it popular
You could be a atrologer
Or a photographer
Taking pictures
To monitor the lifestyle
Of a commoner
Sky's the limit
Don't be timid
To conjure up
The courage
to be strong and tuff
You need your will and your might
To build up to fight
This is real
This is life
Thrills of the night
Can kill you by light
Deal with the type
That will heal and ignite
You to be a better person
Bigger than any thought to surface
You're special
You're worth it
No matter what happens
Always Please
Remember your purpose