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Down for the struggle tho
Ready to take a couple blows
I aint gotta open my mouth
Look in my eyes
them suckas know
Save half the madness
Drama leave me flabbergasted
Pattern rapids
Savage hacking
Heads off stacking
Thats what I'm snatching
Im Smoother than lavender
With endless amounts of stamina
Spit a Brittanica
On track for you amateurs
I'm not the type
To send a threat
Don't care how you bend or flex
I keep the center set
Cross fire intersect
I'm a problem tho
Been that way since awhile ago
Bet u cant plow
This pile of snow
And From the flesh to follicle
I'm powerful
But volatile
Liquidfy and bottle you
Mama call me prodigal
It was probable
I would ride on you
If I spot a move
I'm rolling like a rider do
And yes I'm scoping back
Even if it don't seem
I acknowledge  you
I spit the sickest
You here to witness
That I fix addiction
You need a doctor
That spit choppas
Time to switch  prescriptions
Even though I rap on tracks
I'm done with talk
They flipping  mad
Getting  hot
call it summer salt
We protesting police
Please show me
One result
Still let that gun a bark
Put another
One of our young  in chalk
Big dawg
Never ratted
Sat'Ra's babies daddy
Whole dam body tatted
Killer flow
Str8 classic
This a bar mitzvah
Hard hitter
I Let them claws rip ya
Dissect the system
Into pieces
Since you can't see the large picture