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  1. Blessings
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Lyrical genius
Distinguish the meaning 
Of life and it's elements
Never relinquish 
The symbol  the Phoenix 
Rise from the ashes
We Can't be extinguished
Pardon my English
I take it and twist it
Reshape and I fit it 
The way that I like it
No right way to get it
Get hate from my critics
Display it thru physics 
Stating statistics 
Trace the ballistics

Never be my pedigree
Forever we
 verbal trajectories 
Ejecting me
Is jeopardy 
For your destiny
moving recklessly
 if directions be
next to me
merc you professionally
show you my legacy
my flow is exctasy 
connected deep with
hip hop's ancestry

I'm rap's emperor 
With a bad temper
Leave every Inch of ya
On a peninsula
Better bow to the throne
And the crown
Before your domes
On the ground
Have ya bones
Being found
You a clone and a clown
messing with me tho
I stay on beast mode
Brain on reload
Ain't no cheat code
Slay and defeat foes
Long after I'm gone
U can still smell me
Just like weed smoke
Can't jack son
With a cap gun
Better make it happen
With a magnum
Flaming dragon
Slain and drag em
To another location
Amphutate em
And Get the slashing
He came here whole
He gonna leave as a fraction
Both arm sleeves absent
Collar bone smashed in
Back bashed in
his neck crackling
Snack back bend
I  wrap that then
With a black mack 10
Better know who you fucking with
Never been on sum sucka shit
All i know
Is to buck and spit
You cowards just duck and dip
Hiding in public
You see me outside
You know dam well already
what I come to get
Yo head
End of discussion
Adrenaline rushing
Even windows are crushing
I'm busting
Til you dead
Body gushing from the eruption
After life clutch em
Once I touch him
And you know
He's bloody red
Coming at em
With a drum banana
Kill that anna 
Bet he got his manners
Believe what I said
The problems be
Riding beats
Letting of this lyrical lead

Better move cautiously
Don't want no part of me
Thinking you offing me
Committing larceny
Knowing you soft and weak
Coward you walk asleep
cut out your tongue
When you talk me
What ever you do
I dun dun it
A hundred
A Thousand a million
Howver you want it
You fronting
touching me you bugging 
Whoever you got
it's nothing
These dastardly  bastards be
having audacity
Testing my mastery
Committing blasphemy
Passively laughing
While passing these faggots
I'm drastically spazzing
Crashing your factions
To pieces and fragments
Increase the clashes
Of you and me
True Mc
Crucially blasting
Usually caskets
You could be having
the best of this action
step up to me
And I'm at cha