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This Rb gizzle
Frauds get deep sizzled
This Baltimore
Don't sleep far from a pistol
soldiers come around
Bustas hate the feeling
They tryna make it to the top
We out to break the ceiling
You can keep the peace
While I keep a piece
Poet Deep the beast
Till I'm dead and sleep
I don't play the fence
You playing bent
You better take a inch
My patience been
With the wind
Don't care if you take offense
All I know
Is hold the Weight
See it in my shoulder blades
All my children
Soulja made
Ancestral protege's
War time
load and spray
blow away
Kill me all
A soldier pray
Poet potter
Mold the clay
Lyrical sadistic inducements
Twisted in this music
Don't flip it or confuse it
Or misconstrue it
This an exclusive
They Rocking different nooses
Logic kicking in
Then just use it
Plot Thickening
And it's abusive
Pocket picking for the solutions
My bars ready
I spar heavy
Hard and deadly
You can find me in the cut
Like a carved machete
My plan based
to get my fam str8
Invest into some landscape
Facility for warrior training
Open up dem dam gates

I came to occupy
Some brain space
When dem lames hate
Came up in here
With my game face
Show u how I hang bait
Eat em up
Tangy taste
Call em a headbusser
But da sucka
Cannot aim str8
I'm working not wasting
My time with complacent
People that whine and keep pacing
On the move where I'm stationed
I'm a synthesis of symbols
Indented into your mental
and rocking at different tempos
Over all these instrumentals
you a soldier
But ain't you gonna show no proof
Don't put in work
Just run ya mouth
And hide up in the coup
I'm here em flossing and talking
Catch em slipping we caught em
Put there bosses in darkness
Then turn his head to a target
I know why you ducking me
In private or publicly
I ain't for the games
To the flames with that fuckery
Don't make me hunt you
Catch u bust your cantaloupe
Just the warrior in me
But you can call me an animal

My poetry is so epic
For years I didn't get credit
For how I wreck it
Now they better respect it
Check it
All the pain and the tension
Flames and dissension
They talking bout the best
And my name ain't mentioned
I have it all
To prove to you
I am the suitable
One to get you
Out your cubicle
show u this beautiful
Legacy of mine
Vested equity of time
My profession be refined
While stressing in theSE rhymes
They ain't never seen it like this
Yes the flows are sick
You might understand
But you'll never get over it
I spit Soulja shit
To make a boulder split
I'm in the mode to flip
tighter than a cobra grip
my family need me
I'm dispensing them shells
Plus I talk that warrior shhhh
and I live it as well
Hatas don't hear me tho
Many of em
fear the flow
They 10 years behind
Where I was ten years ago
I hear em stunting
Saying they stacking and flipping
They acting they tripping
I'm watching
they slacking and slipping
U cannot grab me with glamour
Africa's child
I'm a planner
Worker for freedom
just happen to be on a camera
I told my Elder
I'm a carry the torch
Pour libations
To our ancestors
Give em the report
Be persistent
Be submissive
If humbly needed
To achieve some distance
Go deep with wisdom
To conceive the difference
I got the game locked
Higher plane sane plots
Unmoved mover
I'm moving to you
From the same spot
I'm so mission bound
You roll with a click of clowns
Whether a Cypher or a rifle
I'm down to spit some rounds
This a global picture
Never know who's rolling with us
Pan Afrikanism
By one of the dopest spitters
I'm a warrior on the prey
With euphoria on my face
U want some advice
I gotta tip
it's a blade