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I see ya holding ya heat
In the streets
With your partners firmly
While they turning these streets
Into Nazi Gemany
Don't mean to judge
But I don't know where your focus is
Everything they're doing
In books
They already wrote the shit
John Holdren
he wrote about sterilization
30 years later
He's in Obama Administration
Larry Silverstein
He was leasing the twin towers
he made near 5 billion
When those buildings
Crushed to powder
Bill gates
Spoke on decreasing the population
Thru health care reproductive services
And inoculations
I won't be surprised
By anything in this American Nation
Just like Hitler
They renamed torture
Enhanced interrogation
Ignorance is bliss
It never seems to escape you
It's the government
And politicians out here to rape you
The put Sadaam in power
And they was teamed up
With bin laden
Immortal Technique called it
the seven headed dragon
They'll come to kill you
Put suicide on your medic files
Government Full of murderers
war mongers
And pedophiles
Senator Nancy Schaefer
Was killed
Her and her husband
Around the time she went public
About CPS corruption

(Amos Wilson Excerpt)

I don't know what you gon do
When you really have to face the facts
And start to read
The national defense authorization act
Everybody talking
Everywhere you go
You hearing noise
Voted for Obama
When he's really Bush on Steroids
Bill Clinton was moving drugs
From a airport
In Arkansas
If you really knew the truth
You probably wouldn't talk at all
What you know about these bankers
The real gangstas
With a debt based economy
They got you hooked
To their anchors
You got Terrorists here
While you worried about Isis
They steal more resources
When they pretend to control crisis
You worried bout martial law
When they got many ways to get you
Having your mind revolve around
Many Frivolous issues
Gun control on their agenda
Don't be a fool stupid
Why you think
all of sudden
There was so many school shootings
You Elect politicians
Knowing there's a difference
To what they really do
It's the food
FDA approved
That's really killing you